David has been releasing records since 1985, when he was only 14. Only in the last few years has he turned his hand to electronic music, and his releases on labels such as Discomobile and Sony Japan have done nothing to harm his credentials. These labels have given the general music buying public the chance to hear his simply enchanting music. Soulfulness is the key to all his production work, and this is reflected throughout his album. From hip hop influenced breakers, to ambient gems, smooth housers, electro cuts and full on breakbeat, the beauty conveyed is timeless. The title track “Lifestyle” is an ambient house dream, with its earthy breaks, twinkling keys and gorge piano. The previously released “D’Jazz Tribute” is a jazzed up funkified journey, with fuzzy bass, live kit, cool guitar and spine-tingling vocal. “Lift Him Up” is reminiscent of early Massive Attack, with its live bass, pained gorge strings and jazz trumpet. “1971” crashes a live break, while cool keys pirouette and a synth grooves along nicely. The album finishes with an unplugged version of “Linoleum Love“, in which the melodic acoustic guitar takes centre stage, while keys and vocal extensions cuddle up together.

© Jon Freer’s Reviews 13th October 2001.

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